Marisa Monteiro Borsboom

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It is in difficult times that resilient people flourish.

My brand,Humanity Agent

In everything I do I care my humanity with me, I claim my agency to protect it, I advocate for our collective spark that is what makes us humans. In life, in business, as a lawyer, as a citizen, I will stand for human rights preservation while work for the needed awareness of the human obligations. I will promote progress and prosperity based in sustainability and knowledgeMy life purpose is to learn and share what I know to ensure the passage of human intelligence and wisdom to the young generationsMy mission is to protect my children and all the children in the world assuring them a future where they can thrive in harmony with their home, our planet, before they conquer space. My goal is to build a critical thinking tool to equip all of us to know what we need to know in a new world, a digital space, the era in the era of machines. To assure they serve humanity and not the other way around. To augment human intelligence that can keep being the captain of our own destiny. Energised by the force of humanities and social sciences, human though and emotions to the service of humanity. I am just one agent, but I will use all my power to give all humans a true life’s meaning. I want to share my journey with as many agents I can inspire. A journey shared moves mountains and makes the world the place we wish it to be.

Come , let’s change the world together.

Academic Journey 

  • Law Degree 
    Lusíada University
    1998 – 2003
  • Portuguese Bar Association
  • Trade and Transport Regulation
    Lloyd’s Maritime Academy
  • Privacy Electives Courses
    Maastricht University
  • DPO Certification Course, Faculty of Law-European Privacy and Cybersecurity Center 
    Maastricht University

Additional Studies

  • Data Protection Officer
    Maastricht University
    February 2018
  • Pedagogical Aptitude training course (renew certification)- “Training of Facilitators in Gender Equality”
    ANE-Associação Nacional das Empresárias
    April 2010
  • Training Course of Mediators in the Courts of Peace (ASOR)
    Portuguese Justice Ministry

On Air

Projects and Initiatives

How others describe me

Her earnest and honest approach allowed us to look into our legal obligations on the complicated topics of data protection and European compliance with clarity and together, document all of our requirements and materialize clear and approachable policies for our customers.

Joel Hernández

CEO of Somus

She combines a deep understanding of human nature, emotional intelligence and professional excellency. She leads with purpose and drives by action, with conviction and positive energy. She has been of priceless advice and support for Women in Tech. Her legal expertise has helped us structure our global organisation in many different levels.

Ayumi Moore Aoki

Founder and CEO Women in Tech

Pragmatics is one of the main characteristics of Marisa Monteiro. This pragmatism always results in positive results for her clients.

Jorge Ferreira

CEO Best Events